Domain Focus

Breaking through the limitations of conventional thinking, Our strong resource base enables us to consult for organizations that want to fully realize their technology investments to accelerate their business processes, With emphasise on Client-specific and best-practice development processes, we empower our clients across vertical industries to rapidly develop and deliver highly engineered solutions resulting in reduced product development time, improved process reliability, and robust designs enabled by increased creative and analytic throughput with the services in the following areas:

We have expertise in developing automotive software for engine management, transmission control systems and vehicle dynamics, leveraging our experience with Real Time Operating Systems like VxWorks and in Firmware design using Intel 80xx, Motorola Hx, Microchip and TI320xx Microprocessors. Our experience also includes verification and validation of embedded software products and solutions which implement all the IP related protocols and Network Management Systems.

Customer Offerings

Software Services for design, development and testing of the automotive networks Controller Area Network (CAN), SAEJ1856, FlexRay, J1939, Local Interconnect Network (LIN) and VAN.
Software Services, Drivers and Source code for development and operation of industrial networks based on CAN / CANopen and DeviceNet. Embedded software components for electronic control units (ECU), Occupant Control Units and Telematics in motor vehicles. Real-Time Operating Systems for micro controllers based on OSEK/VDXTM.

Process Control
Our customer offerings include both Intranet and Internet connectivity to disparate network elements and devices using Real Time Operating Systems like VxWorks and Nucleus on Processors from industry majors like Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments and Microchip.
We have extensive expertise in the process control area including development, enhancements and customization of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) and Digital Distribution Control Systems (DDCS).

Customer Offerings

  1. Software Services to Implement various Control strategies like PID, Neuro Fuzzy and Discrete Control to Real time processes.
  2. Protocol stacks like ProfiBus, TCP/IP to interconnect different Devices and Controllers.
  3. Device Drivers to connect the field and control room devices to a personal computer
  4. Real time Data Acquisition and Design and Monitoring of field signals Development of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI.)

Motion Control
We provide solutions on Motion Control applications to define and control the path, profile, response and performance of mechanical systems by providing speed and position demands to one or more drives on chip, board and system level with various development tools to speed the user on any typical applications.

Customer Offerings

With custom hardware and firmware on a different design to fit in through USB port and/or RS232/485 ports, The multi axis solutions based on DSP [ADSP, TI and Motorola] accommodate 1- through 8-axis formats and allow control of step or servo motors on any combination of axes. Any mode of motion can be programmed including linear interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing and eCAM. Programming is simplified with powerful PLC with motion capabilities and PC based GUI for downloading programs, editing parameters and intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as W-SDK for servo tuning and analysis, ActiveX Tool Kit for Visual Basic users and a C-Programmers Tool Kit and the applications like special purpose machines, Robotic manipulators, micro-positioning, packaging machines etc.

We provide solutions on precise measurement and inspection of 2D and 3D parts with an user interface and simple meaningful visual displays to enable a host of features which empower a Digital Read Out (DRO) for Profile Projectors and Video Inspection Systems.

Customer Offerings

The solution constitutes of a CPLD device and software interfacing to optimize the circuitry size of the DRO, by minimizing the number of chips used on board with provision of a front end (GUI) for enabling a host of back end activities for assimilating the data from a Drawing Exchange Fil (DXF) format file, capturing the information through the profile projector DRO, and then perform post processing activities.

We have a dedicated Lab that works at all emerging technologies on the Mobile Handheld Platform to cater the needs of growing mobile Market. Seamless connectivity between mobile devices and all other computing devices has always been at the core of our strategy, and the wireless connectivity that Bluetooth provides will dramatically change the way wireless information devices and other computing devices communicate with each other. We can provide you with a world class Bluetooth Stack specially designed for mobile operating system.
Dedicated to the development and delivery of a broad range of multimedia network-based infrastructure, systems, applications and services - all designed to offer the user a personalized communications experience for network, cable or Internet service providers.

Customer Offerings

  1. Application Development over Symbian OS™, Palm OS™, Win CE™
  2. Development of applications for mobile devices, PDA, Smart phones & Communicators.
  3. Enhancement of Customer's existing mobile applications. Mobile connectivity across different Enterprise platforms.
  4. Porting of Application across different Mobile Platforms. Remote Monitoring & Voice Enabled
  5. Application development. Mobile Connectivity & Synchronization of devices.
  6. Development of SMS, EMS & MMS. Development and Deployment of Customized SMSC, MMSC Solutions & Mobile Access Gateway. Mobile telephony & WAP. End-to-End Security & Cryptography.

Building Automation
Building Automation systems are used to provide occupant comfort, security and safety, while optimizing energy consumption leading to reduced operational costs. We can design and implement customized interoperable connectivity solutions that enable remote messaging and network services for field and building automation devices to make monitoring and control possible from anywhere, anytime.

Customer Offerings

  1. Providing connectivity based on LonWorks/BACnet /proprietary protocols to all building automation devices.
  2. Designing and implementing Internet and Intranet connectivity to all devices and controllers both in the field as well as in the control rooms.
  3. Designing and developing embedded software and firmware for building control applications & devices.
  4. Preventive maintenance software services for BAS elements.
  5. Performing entire cycle of testing and validation services for embedded systems.

Energy and Utility
For companies that are in the forefront of energy management and utility water/gas management, who have to adapt to the challenges of a deregulated environment and evolving technologies, Sanvika has a diverse range of flexible, scalable and adaptable service offerings.
We offer consultancy, design & development, implementation, support and maintenance, verification and validation services of the software requirements of these industry segments.

Customer Offerings

  1. SCADA systems & up gradation of existing systems Energy monitoring, metering, consumption patterns Water/Gas metering & monitoring solutions Effluent quality monitoring GIS solutions
  2. Integration of GIS to SCADA GSM based solutions for automatic messaging Workflow automation solutions for billing, streamlining, asset and resource management. Internet/Intranet connectivity solutions.

It is possible that products become obsolete, especially when the support for the OS, Microprocessor or other underlying components is withdrawn. In such cases, the products will have to be discarded, thereby rendering the entire development and maintenance effort as a waste.

The best way to bring back the product into state of the art platforms would be to port the operating system, microprocessor and other underlying hardware into its equivalent contemporary or even advanced families, while providing value added features to beat the competition.

Customer Offerings

  1. Porting from an operating system to another.
    Between VxWorks, Embedded Linux, eCos, Symbian
  2. Porting from a microprocessor/controller to another.
  3. Creation of Application programming interfaces for legacy applications.
  4. Integration with web services.

Product Commercialization Services
Many companies create products, but may not have followed a reasonably good process that complies with bare minimal certifications/assessments. Though such products may serve the purpose for which it is developed, it will be extremely difficult to introduce any changes, and changes when introduced can turn out to be un-manageable. A control on the usage of the product in terms of revenue generation to the company should also be introduced, while making the product presentable in a very professional look and feel.

Customer Offerings

  1. Introduction of licensing to products
    Floating, fixed and subscription types
  2. Packaging/Re-packaging
    Using Wise Wizard and Install Shield.
  3. Re-engineering
    For products that have not been developed using a sound process.
  4. Introduction of work products based on latest SDLC techniques.
  5. PCI/USB/Devicenet/RFID interfacing to external world.